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joke Date: Mar 31st @ 7:58am EDT
joke Date: Mar 31st @ 7:57am EDT
Joke Date: Mar 31st @ 7:53am EDT
joke Date: Mar 31st @ 7:52am EDT
Thanks to the fans !!!! Date: Mar 31st @ 7:48am EDT
Hey fans, I would like to thank those who support me, you are always with me. I would not have succeeded so much without your help. You are the best . Thank you for always here.
Kissesss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StayatHome Date: Mar 31st @ 7:43am EDT
I know, I know ... it is a very difficult time, the days of isolation are very difficult when you cannot get out of the house, we all hope that all will pass as soon as possible.
Be strong, be patient, stay home and everything will be fine.
#besafe and #washyourhands
For my fans :*:* Date: Nov 1st @ 3:32am EDT
"Life has no limits, except the ones you impose on yourself." - Les Brown
For my fans :*:* Date: Nov 1st @ 3:32am EDT
For my fans :*:* Date: Oct 24th @ 7:46am EDT
" Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want, doesn't mean he doesn't love you with his whole being " - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
For my fans :*:* Date: Oct 24th @ 7:44am EDT
" The greatest joy of life is to be convinced that you are loved " - Victor Hugo
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